Peter Simmons

Headshot of Peter Simmons, Chief Executive at CloudAttribution Meet Peter

Peter Simmons co-founded CloudAttribution with Anton Karadakov in 2012. 

With fifteen years of asset management experience in various quantitative roles, Peter was well-placed to identify a need for a new type of investment management system, one that addressed the attribution challenges he faced as an asset manager. During his time as Global Head of Quantitative Support in Fixed Income at UBS he began to develop such a system, and was responsible for leading the team to build an innovative new performance attribution tool that handled 500 portfolios, with 100 users worldwide.

Soon afterwards, Peter left UBS and CloudAttribution was born. Designed to be different, Peter’s system came at things from a fresh angle, aiming to provide more context to the data that portfolio managers have access to. He wanted to change the way that people work, elevating the discussion to enable client managers to take a more strategic approach.

Peter’s previous roles at UBS include Head of Risk Management, UK and Senior Quantitative Analyst for Global Equities. Today, he continues to use this experience and insight to make CloudAttribution work well and deliver results for its users.

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