Rethinking Fixed Income Attribution – Download The White Paper


Fixed income attribution isn’t one size fits all. But can it be re-examined, to overcome common operational issues, improve the explanatory power and provide a better overall experience? We think so!

In this whitepaper, Peter Simmons outlines some simple changes that can make a significant difference to both the implementation time and the quality of the results, simplifying the data requirements and ultimately, providing a better, more intuitive, user-focused service.

With this new approach to fixed income attribution analysis, CloudAttribution can offer:

  • a new innovative approach to technology
  • easily understandable deep insights into the portfolio’s return and risk exposures
  • better alignment of fund management and performance teams
  • improved dialogue all the way out to the client team

Want to know more? Download the whitepaper: Rethinking Fixed Income Return Attribution.

By Peter Simmons, CloudAttribution CEO



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