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Illuminate your returns with trusted, agile and highly responsive investment management performance software solutions for fixed income and multi-asset performance attribution calculation.



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Macro Strategy

Macro Strategy Attribution

Download our latest whitepaper, Macro Strategy Attribution: Extending the Standard Brinson-Fachler Model to Use a Strategic Benchmarking Approach to Attribution.

Meet the team

Meet the team

A team with decades of experience in portfolio management, performance and technology development.

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By simplifying complex processes and improving day-to-day front-end usability, our proven cloud-based performance attribution model offers superior accuracy, greater flexibility and faster implementation than other market-leading solutions.

About Us

Established for almost 10 years, we work with some of the world’s leading financial institutions, empowering fund and performance managers with tailored performance attribution systems to drive better investments by delivering total transparency and visibility on the source of their returns.

Based in London and Chicago, CloudAttribution’s founders each have over 20 years’ experience in the asset management industry across portfolio management, technology and operations.

This combination has fuelled innovative development which solves the fixed income, multi-asset and equity performance attribution challenges the asset management industry still experiences.

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Our Performance Attribution Services


Pain-free implementation and integration: there is no lengthy installation process and no laborious upgrades needed.

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Strategy Tagging

Traditional sectors are rarely granular enough to provide accurate performance attribution since they might involve relative values within and between asset classes. Cloud Attribution provides additional strategy tagging capabilities, a new flexible way to track portfolio performance.

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Passive Investment Attribution

CloudAttribution is a unique passive investment attribution tool, capable of handling the complex detail and nuance that a passive investment portfolio demands.

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Performance Managers

For performance managers and teams, we offer a simplified fixed income model that is highly intuitive, with no residual, so you can focus purely on the output and analysis.

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Portfolio Managers

Utilise CloudAttribution investment management software to get an attribution model that perfectly matches your strategy, incorporating all assets and handled as required.

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Asset Classes

Fixed Income

We have created fixed income portfolio management software that addresses fixed income attribution with an innovative approach to technology and model, driving efficiency and accuracy.

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Multi-asset has been left to self-serve for too long. As clients require more diversification, there is an increase in the desire to properly allocate decisions - we have developed multi asset performance software that shows the industry a better way.

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We have taken our extensive knowledge of fixed income attribution and applied it to our equity performance attribution model to add greater value.

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