Why Choose CloudAttribution?

Four key benefits, one unified solution

When you choose CloudAttribution as your performance attribution solution, you benefit from four advantages over typical attribution provider options:

  • Multiple integration options
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Simplification to enable handling complexity
  • A truly Universal solution

Multiple integration options

  • Performance Calculation Matching – enhance accuracy in attribution by using performance from your accounting data source as the foundation for calculations
  • Consistency – Analytics can be sourced from your front office, guaranteeing consistent results across departments
  • Your analysis the way you want it – The system offers multiple integration points to access and integrate results
  • Operational alignment – Your performance attribution software is seamlessly integrated within your current operating model

Enhanced accuracy

  • The system is built to match your data, with all instruments handled as per the accounting system
  • CloudAttribution can identify sources of return and handle all contributing factors
  • The system gives you the ability to extend calculations into more complex assets
  • No surprises, because we use data taken from your own organisation, results will always be aligned with your expectations

Simplification to enable handling complexity

  • We use a return-based Fixed Income Model, simplifying the approach whilst ensuring accuracy and flexibility
  • As the system is cloud native, updates and upgrades are seamless, with no action required from the user
  • Cost-effective, operationally efficient delivery and implementation
  • There’s nothing the system cannot handle. We extend our approach to accommodate ALL investment idiosyncrasies, however far you are pushing the boundaries

A truly Universal solution

  • CloudAttribution is designed to be a unified, universal system, with interoperability across business units 
  • It’s suitable for portfolio managers and performance managers alike, as well as the client team and management division
  • There’s one source of truth for the whole organisation
  • With regular, automatic updates, the system is accessible from any device, in any location


How CloudAttribution can support you

The experts at CloudAttribution understand the challenges of performance attribution from the inside. We’ve developed a robust, flexible system that will deliver accurate and efficient insights, whatever your needs.

Analyse the source of returns in any asset class. CloudAttribution is specifically designed to support performance attribution in fixed income securities, multi-asset portfolios and equity investments.

Our Approach


The Way We Work

Fixed Income Attribution

We have rethought Fixed Income Attribution with an innovative approach to technology and the model driving efficiency and accuracy.

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Multi-Asset Attribution

Multi-asset has been left to self-serve for too long. As clients require more diversification there is an increase in the desire to properly allocate decisions, we have developed a better way.

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Equity Attribution

We have taken our extensive knowledge of fixed income attribution and applied it to our equity model to add greater value.

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