Our Approach

Built by asset managers for asset managers, CloudAttribution is an accurate and efficient solution, designed to address the limitations of traditional attribution systems. We have created a full, multi-asset attribution system that will overcome the challenges typically experienced in both front and middle offices. 

What makes CloudAttribution different?

There are many challenges with the way attribution across asset classes has been solutioned through current software providers. Just because things have always been done in a certain way, doesn’t mean that way is the best.

CloudAttribution takes a new approach, moving away from the market norms to offer fast, accurate attribution in the cloud. We took a fresh look, harnessed technological advances and built the solution by working back from the desired outcome of the most complex challenges. Here’s how:

Our Approach

Prescriptive Performance Calculation

Performance Matching Calculation

Confined by Legacy Development

Built to Handle Complexity

Data Hungry

Data Light

Prescriptive approach

Aligned with your strategies



Middle Office OR Front Office Focus

Broader User Base

Limited Use Case

Elevate the discussion

Learn more about the benefits of our approach

Could CloudAttribution help you to achieve faster, more efficient performance attribution? Find out how our unique methodology can help you to integrate your attribution so that figures are derived directly from your front office, for accurate and consistent results that are aligned with your expectations. 

Why choose CloudAttribution?


The Way We Work

Fixed Income Attribution

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Multi-Asset Attribution

Multi-asset has been left to self-serve for too long. As clients require more diversification there is an increase in the desire to properly allocate decisions, we have developed a better way.

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Equity Attribution

We have taken our extensive knowledge of fixed income attribution and applied it to our equity model to add greater value.

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