Passive Investment Attribution

As tracker funds, passive investments must earn their keep. Handling the complexities of passive funds in an efficient manner is essential in order to drive down operational overheads and maximise their value to the investor. With the ability to perfectly match your passive investment strategy, our cloud-based software provides precise, accurate and accessible insights, making it easy to track and measure the performance of your passive investments.

Precision software designed for passive investments

Passive investing is highly detail oriented. CloudAttribution software matches that detail, with the extreme precision and comprehensive insights required for accurate attribution. In addition, passive investment attribution is made easier and more precise with the following CloudAttribution features:

  • Stock exclusions: see your sampled portfolio versus exclusions, with a customisable stock exclusion list
  • Net and gross benchmark visibility, so that you can handle attribution on either, depending on how you are benchmarked
  • Transaction based approach, with a bespoke performance model designed to match your accounting system so there is no residual
  • View calculations for any period: handle intraday events and assess the performance of cash drag mitigation measures, index rolls and the treatment of large cash flows
  • Frequent data checks are built in, to ensure the quality of your results
  • Greater insights into your passive investments, with more detail and improved accuracy compared to other systems

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Why choose CloudAttribution for passive investment attribution?

CloudAttribution is a cloud-based performance attribution software product that’s designed to do things differently. 

Performance managers and portfolio managers choose CloudAttribution for its high level of accuracy, and its ability to handle the complexities that come with this type of investment style. 

When it comes to passive index funds, CloudAttribution’s flexibility and precision makes it the best tool to track the performance of passive investments and report back to clients. And because all the data is easily visible, you can cross-check each part of the process to ensure that it is working as expected.

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Bespoke attribution software, built for your needs

CloudAttribution is a sophisticated system that can handle idiosyncrasies and exceptions in your passive investment portfolio, so there’s no need for time-consuming workarounds. We aim to match your performance calculations to maximise insights in this detail-oriented area. 

As a bespoke attribution tool that can be tailored to your particular requirements, CloudAttribution software is specifically designed to fit around your needs and to provide the detailed insights that you require.

Tailored especially for your business to match your accounting system, our software uses the same analytical data that your front office uses, meaning that you will gain insights that are consistent with your own existing datasets.

Conceived and developed by investment professionals, our passive investment attribution software has all the features and functionality you need to get feedback on the effectiveness of your passive investment management process.

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