CloudAttribution Partners with a Prestigious Global Asset Manager

CloudAttribution partners with a prestigious global asset manager to solve complex attribution issues

We are thrilled to announce our latest strategic partnership with a prestigious Tier 1 global asset manager. This collaboration leverages our expertise in multi-asset attribution, and our reputation for delivering complex asset management solutions.

Following an in-depth and detailed analysis of our attribution capabilities and our ability in serving requirements for investment teams across front and middle office, CloudAttribution has been selected to deliver all multi-asset portfolio attribution analysis for this major asset management firm.

Key to this new partnership has been CloudAttribution’s integration capabilities, delivering alongside our clients’ existing investment technology, with an ability to work flexibly with multiple data inputs from existing platforms.

This flexibility includes a suite of tailor-made solutions to fit ever-evolving business requirements, such as strategy tagging, and access to our team of experts who assist in solving the most complex attribution challenges.

All of this harmonises attribution analysis across multiple investment teams and supports internal performance and portfolio manager teams in delivering value for their client base.

Addressing complex infrastructure challenges

Historic infrastructure choices can become inadequate as business needs expand resulting in an increased complexity and the unintended consequence of business units being forced to self-serve. There follows a steady shift away from the desired operational oversight as workarounds are added.

CloudAttribution’s services allow our clients to integrate these requirements back into the strategic framework, augmented through self-serve and expert support to fit each client’s needs. Our system has the flexibility to allow tailor-built solutions so that our partners work with a clearer, cross-asset class approach.

About CloudAttribution

Founded in 2012, CloudAttribution is a privately-owned business with offices in London and Chicago. We are a pioneering provider of cloud-based, daily attribution and reporting for institutional asset managers. Ours is a cloud-native and unique approach to an age-old problem, which allows rapid implementation and an ability to handle the most complex attribution challenges across all asset classes for all investment teams.

CloudAttribution works with some of the world’s leading financial institutions, empowering fund and performance managers to drive better investments, by delivering total transparency and visibility on the source of their returns.

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