Multi-Asset Portfolio Challenges: eliminating the noise, simplifying the process


Most performance attribution systems aren’t cut out for multi asset portfolio analysis, focusing either on equities or fixed income, not both. How can portfolio managers overcome  the challenges that come with the complexity of multi asset attribution?

Written by our partners at S&P Global, this paper focuses on the many multi asset portfolio challenges that investment managers face when striving for accurate and in-depth performance attribution.

With data gleaned from a survey of investment managers and a detailed analysis of the issues that commonly arise for multi asset portfolio managers and performance teams, this paper offers a solution that will simplify the process of performance attribution, helping investment managers to understand their results in greater depth and detail.

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By Brett Schechterman, Managing Director, Global Head of Business for thinkFolio, IHS Markit (now S&P Global), 16 February 2022. © 2022 IHS Markit.


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