Multi-Asset Investment Strategy – Attribution made simple


How do firms address the management of multi-asset investment strategies? How can they mitigate the challenges this presents in performance and attribution by middle and front office teams?

There are no straightforward portfolios in the post-pandemic landscape. Regulatory changes, a move to Passive, the exponential growth of ETF and a need to demonstrate adherence to new investment priorities in the climate space means attribution and performance analytics solutions can no longer operate in manual silos.

In this guide, we identify the issues caused by using traditional approaches and detail how a different approach can drive efficiency, accuracy and enable the incorporation of strategy tagging to solve for the broadest audience.

Find out more about multi asset investment strategy with Cloud

CloudAttribution’s multi asset performance software is deployed via MS Azure for maximum security. We provide an attribution solution which takes your firm’s own data, based on IBOR or ABOR, that operates on a transaction basis, incorporating strategies and other complexities to accurately analyse portfolio management goals.

If you would like to learn more about how a multi-asset investment strategy can simplify your attribution, download our whitepaper. If you have any other questions, can get in touch with our experts today.

By Peter Simmons, CloudAttribution CEO


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