Pain Free Implementation

Reduce the time taken to implement and remove the upgrade requirement

Implementing a performance and attribution system has traditionally been an arduous process, we simplify it in three ways: by building a performance calculator to match your data rather than expecting you to match our requirements; our models have been chosen to provide detailed output with a relatively small data requirement; and being cloud based we can work directly with you in partnership to solve implementation issues as they arise.

Focus on getting the performance calculation right

We can take your input data in whatever form you can provide it, we then build a performance calculation that fits your data. Our aim is to make life simple for you: the calculation of performance is broadly the same at every fund manager, but that isn’t the same as saying that it is identical! Handling the differences on our side means that we can model every idiosyncrasy; it is much faster too. If the performance calculation is correct then that makes it much easier to focus on the quality of the input data. By working with you on the performance, we also identify where the most common data errors are occurring. These can then be corrected and also identified on an ongoing basis: we have found that the quality of the inputs quickly goes up and users have a lot of confidence in the performance output.

Minimizing the data requirement

Our attribution models work with the performance calculation. There is no additional data needed – if the accounting system knows how to price a derivative then so do we, there is no need to load terms and conditions. This approach means that if the performance is correct then so is the attribution. The attribution models themselves, particularly fixed income, are kept straight forward. Although we do require a duration and spread duration for this model, we are far less dependent upon this data than other models would be. Users comment on how easy it is to use the system, how quick it is and how easy it is to find what they need.

Working with you

Our system is cloud based, that means that there is no installation and therefore no box that has to be laboriously updated at a later date. Instead we work with you to provide continuous updates and improvements. We aim to quickly capture and implement your feedback and ideas. Our integrated development environment means that we can show you before and after reports before the latest changes go live, ensuring no nasty surprises. Working with you also means offering help when you have problems or need advice on how to handle a performance issue. Our aim is to be your knowledgeable and reliable partner.

Our aim is to get you using the system as fast as possible. Nobody enjoys implementation: it’s results that we want to see!
Anton Karadakov
Americas Head, CloudAttribution
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