What makes CloudAttribution different?

CloudAttribution was built from a Fixed Income foundation, in the cloud, to provide fast, accurate attribution.


  • Performance Calculation
    Built to match your data
    All instruments handled as per the accounting system
  • Focus on the Model
    The fixed income model is returns based
    There is no residual
    It minimises the analytic data burden
  • Data Quality is Key
    Checks at each stage of the process ensure data quality
    Quality reports fed back to client
  • Cloud Native
    Built in the cloud with all the inherent benefits in support
    Being cloud based, the system can be quickly rolled out to the different users. It makes support much simpler.

What makes CloudAttribution different?

These are just a few of the innovations enabling CloudAttribution to deliver a full, multi-asset attribution system directly to your desktop with the minimum of implementation pain.


  • Aligned with Strategies
    Portfolios can be grouped to be viewed together.
    Overviews ensure consistency within strategies.
  • Greater Insights / Consistency
    All (inc Derivatives) of the data can be explored
    Answers at a diverse user groups fingertips
    Elevates the conversation with new insights into the portfolios
  • Integration Options
    Analysis Services
    Direct export
    Custom reports


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