Reducing the Complexity of Attribution

Implementing a performance and attribution system has traditionally been an arduous process, we simplify it in three ways: by building a performance calculator to match your data rather than expecting you to match our requirements; our models have been chosen to provide detailed output with a relatively small data requirement; and being cloud based we can work directly with you in partnership to solve implementation issues as they arise.

The system provides a fresh, intuitive interface that allows the performance analyst to quickly get portfolios up and running. All of the data is then available to portfolio managers and the client team in interactive reports.

CloudAttribution provides attribution for fixed income, multi-asset and equity portfolios

CloudAttribution started as a fixed income attribution system and has now been expanded to other asset classes. This means that it has been designed from inception to handle all fixed income instruments, including derivatives and inflation linked securities; equities are handled as a natural extension. We use performance based attribution models so that as long as your accounting system can handle a security then so can we - terms and conditions are not required.

Our web front end delivers the results to your desktop in a clear and manageable form. All the data used to calculate the attribution is ultimately available but only when you need it. We provide the attribution results over time, grouped by historical period, or within a single period. It’s quick and easy for the user to switch between views, simplifying the process of understanding the portfolio. The user can also regroup the data in different ways, providing an on-the-fly slice and dice ability, useful to understand whether it was small cap, a long duration position or a particular currency exposure that contributed to the return. Each screen is designed to provide the maximum amount of insight into the performance. A consistent approach between equities, multi-asset and fixed income means that the analysis of each portfolio is instantly familiar.

CloudAttribution aims to be your partner for attribution

Cloud deployment makes it easier for us to work with you. We can react much more quickly to your questions and issues. The development cycle is dramatically reduced, meaning that your performance will always be able to handle the latest instruments. We have extensive knowledge of performance, attribution and asset management and can work with you to get the best out of the system.

We use the Microsoft Azure hosting platform to provide the infrastructure needed to deliver the system. We leverage their best-in-class security and guaranteed availability to ensure that our system is as secure and robust as possible. This ensures that we have the scale to support you, however large your needs.

What makes CloudAttribution different?

CloudAttribution was built from the ground up to provide fast, accurate attribution:

  • Checks at each stage ensure data quality, with problems fed back to the user.
  • Our fixed income model is returns based. There is no residual and a lot less analytic data is required.
  • Being cloud based, the system can be quickly rolled out to the different users. It makes support much simpler.
  • Portfolios can be grouped to be viewed together. This provides a handy overview and helps to ensure consistency within strategies.
  • Interactive reporting means no more 50 page PDF reports to interpret. All of the data can be explored, answers can be found quickly, giving new insights into the portfolios.
  • Direct export, custom reports and a REST API provide flexible ways to share the data for team meetings, client reports or more broadly within the organization.

These are just a few of the innovations enabling CloudAttribution to deliver a full, multi-asset attribution system directly to your desktop with the minimum of implementation pain.

We provide an elegant and easy to use system for performance and attribution. We've based it on the latest cloud technologies so that it is fast and interactive, easy to understand and also comprehensive.
Peter Simmons
CEO, CloudAttribution
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