Cloud Computing

A secure and flexible way to deliver performance and attribution services.

Cloud computing has developed rapidly over the last few years and is beginning to have a major impact on the way that computer software and services are offered. It is now an accepted way to deliver huge computing power quickly and securely, either as the main platform for a solution or as an extension to an in-house data center. It is increasingly used by banks, insurance companies, airlines and motor manufacturers. We think that it is the future of performance and attribution.

No installation

Our software is delivered from a data center in the Netherlands run by Microsoft. The data storage is geographically distributed to ensure security and availability. Microsoft provide a database, storage, web servers and computing power; everything necessary to deliver the system to you. Access is through a web interface, which, after login, provides you with complete access to the system. And because it has been designed from scratch to run in this way, it is fast and easy to use.

No upgrades

A major benefit of no installation requirement is that there is also no upgrade requirement. Enhancements are incremental and available quickly to respond to your needs and suggestions. We can run the same reports in UAT and Production before release to show you exactly what a change will do and, just as importantly, that nothing else will change as well. This gives you the comfort of always being on the latest version and always getting a fast response to your requests.

A Fully Featured System

We’ve worked hard to understand what you want from a performance and attribution system and have aimed to include as much as possible of those requirements. Our first two versions of the system were written for fund managers, we built an interactive set of web reports where they could find answers quickly. Now we have added a comprehensive back end to manage the data and set-up. It’s one of the things that we have worked hardest on over the last year to make as easy to use as possible. We’ve also added a reporting module and API to provide flexible access to the data. The system itself can be as automated as you want. We can link to your accounting system and to RIMES Benchmark Data Service (RIMES BDS®), for benchmarks, to provide a fully automated solution. Alternatively we can give you the ability to load everything yourselves for full control over the data. Give us a call, we’d love to show you how it can work for you.

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