About CloudAttribution

We focus on data quality to provide quick insights on the sources of performance.

CloudAttribution is a company formed in May 2012 with the aim of providing a new multi-asset performance and attribution system. Our aim is on making life easier for performance analysts through better data handling for performance and a more straight forward set of attribution models.

The founders of the company all worked together at UBS Global Asset Management prior to forming CloudAttribution. There they developed a fixed income attribution system which had a regular user group of over 100 users across 10 offices. It was successful because we focused relentlessly on the quality of the output. Checks at the calculation stage aimed to highlight the largest and most regularly occurring problems. Our web front end delivered all of the output data directly to portfolio managers and client liason in an easy to use and interactive form. The transparency that this approach brought to the numbers also formed a big part of the reason for success.

Ordinarily producing security level performance reports would require 50 pages of detailed output. Interactivity reduces this to a couple of screens which can be quickly investigated by digging down from the top level towards individual security contributions. Producing a cloud based system allows us to provide this software to any sized organization and to continue to develop it as our clients need.

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